Game. Set. Match.

This past summer some of the Housewives in Training and I took tennis lessons. I mean, really, it is practically the official sport of Housewives. I would say most of us just wanted to take lessons as an excuse to buy the outfits but turns out we had tons of fun and really liked the sport! As a season finale to our training we had our First Annual Real Housewives of St. Louis Tennis Tournament. The “St. Louis Open” for short.

The players with our “coach”, Brett. Brett spent Thursday evenings teaching us everything we know about tennis. He was so patient with us and would say things like “that’s okay, take another.” Which we later figured out that the more times you heard that in the lesson, the worse you were doing.

An intro of the players…

Lauren. The smile says it all! She is so natural on the court.

Brittani. I love this picture. I’m calling this her Sports Illustrated shot.

Ashley. Besides cheerleading, you could call this Ashley’s first time playing a sport. She totally stuck with it and showed up on tourni day like the diva that she is!

Me. On our first lesson we practiced serving. I thought I was freakin’ Serena Williams! I mean, every serve was so powerful, I thought I had missed my calling. Until we walked off the court and Brett told me I had to get it into the UPPER box. Oh. It took a couple weeks to tone down my power but I can now get it in the box…albeit a little less powerful.

Lisa. Self-admitted, the most competitive, Lis has found her new love in life. I mean, she busted out the headband and wristband on that day. I don’t mess with that.

Avery. Ave is Ashley’s sister. She didn’t take lessons with us this summer but when we had someone drop out, Avery stepped it up!

Doesn’t this picture look so dramatic?! I think Brittani and Lis had just finished playing Singles against each other…on a court that had the sun beating down!

They quickly regained strength to take on Lauren and I in Doubles.

They ended up beating us but not before we got in a few killer shots…that in very unsportsmanship-like behavior, we celebrated about. I turned this photo “Antique” because I thought it made us look really authentic that way. hee.hee.

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One Response to Game. Set. Match.

  1. PQ says:

    you have no idea how jealous i am. i'm already working just four days a week… slowly on my way to becoming a housewife. đŸ™‚


    PS love the new blog đŸ˜‰

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