For the Love of Zoe

I want Rachel Zoe to be my bestie. She is fabulous and witty and nuts and I love it. We would shop together and say things like “A.Mazing.” whenever I would try on a faux fur vest, and then drink Venti Starbucks and gossip about celebrity bitches.
If you aren’t obsessed with her show, her vocabulary, and her sunnies then I can only assume you’re okay with kitten t-shirts. So I’m a sucker for RZ already and now she has a fabu website where I have signed up to receive a daily Zoe Report. Yeah, I felt that I needed Rach to email me daily with cute quips on fashion, accessories, and beauty. The best part of her daily email is that she busts out with the designer love and then follows up with what we really all will buy, the affordable version. Love. Love. Plus in yesterday’s email she used the word “snoozy”. Meaning dull, uninspiring, boring. I always say “snoozefest” but “snoozy” is so much more chic. Gawd, I love her.

Get yourself some Zoe You’re welcome.

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