A Weekend in Napa

Wine country. Where I belong. We went to Napa a couple weekends ago to celebrate the marriage of one of Mat’s college buds. It was 10 couples and it was exquisite! I’m never one to turn down a glass of wine so a place that gladly tips the bottle at 10am has my heart.
The great thing about Napa is that each winery has such a unique personality. No place is like the other.

I could post more pictures than a new-mother on facebook but I will resist. Here’s a few more…

I don’t know what it was but the whole experience was so relaxing and I felt so sophisticated. I mean, ” a weekend in Napa”. Say no more. Sipping vino all day and talking about the grape harvest, pulheeze darling. Pour mama a little more. I never did get “overserved” if you will. A little warm “wine hug” yeah but never had to reach for the bottle of ibuprofen that I brought. We stayed at the Harvest Inn and I so recommend it. Wonderful! Who wants to go next time?! I’m in!!

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