Out of the Food Coma

Thanksgiving is my favorite holidays for many reasons. Okay, mainly three reasons: 1. Drinking wine and playing games with family and friends that are like family while dinner is cooking (we always have too good of a time) 2. The Food. 3. It’s the start o the holiday season! Here’s what happened at this year’s Thanksgiving….

It started with Mat & Tyler deciding to weigh themselves to later see how much their weight increased by the end of dinner. I’m not sure of the final poundage increase but judging by the rounds of seconds and thirds, I’m sure they weren’t disappointed.

Look at Lauren’s expression… “Boys are so weird…”

Lauren and I opted to not weigh in but to get a pre-dinner picture.

Mom, the all-star chef of the day! She told me she wore the closet thing she had to camouflage as a nod to turkey hunting. If you call hunting- heading to Sam’s and sneaking up on a frozen bird. Gotcha!

Then I grabbed my mom because for months I’ve been meaning to get a picture with her. I literally only have one picture of us in my house and I think I was like 17.
First we pretended we were models…

Then we got a framer…

At home Dixie has little bench that she can sit on. She was able to find a comparable one at Grandma’s house…

Oh! What’s that I smell??

Sniff, sniff…mmm, turkey…

But there was no time to sit around smelling the sweat aromas! Cousin Eddie and Jackson and Brutus showed up. Show down!

It sounded more like elephants. Or horses. Or cattle. Their feet couldn’t scurry fast enough.

But guess who was having none of it? Lola…

Oh! Can we pause so I can show you how clever my mother-in-law, Ann is?! This was her hostess gift to my mom…

A wine for all her girls! Edna, Kim & Lola! Isn’t that so clever?! I love a thoughtful hostess gift.

So the mom’s cooked…

And carved…

And carved…

While they carved Lauren, Laura and I drank a little more wine and the girls decided they wanted a photoshoot. It started off sweet…

And turned sassy quick!

And that’s when the pictures ended. A little wine and a double-scoop of mashed potatoes and taking pictures became a distant thought! Hope everyone had as filling and joyful Thanksgiving as I did.

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One Response to Out of the Food Coma

  1. B says:

    The pictures look great, what camera did you use?

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