The Sweet Smell of Fresh Baby

This weekend the ladies and I headed to Columbia to meet the newest, future member of Kappa Kappa Gamma – Michelle’s newborn daughter, Caroline.

And oh my, she was 7 pounds of beautiful baby goodness. But hey, she’s a future Kappa so what did you expect?!

Oh what’s that Caroline?

You need your diaper changed? Auntie Kim was to the rescue and changed her diaper…a task I’m pretty sure I had not done for 15 years, which is when I stopped babysitting. It was just like riding a bike though and Michelle passed me in Diaper 101.

Mother & daughter…

Between taking turns holding Caroline, the girls and I watched Big Brother Luke show off all his toys. Here he is giving Ashley, who is expecting a baby boy in June, a lesson between a “tractor” and a “lawn mower”.

Ashley has some studying up to do on her John Deere machinery before her little dude comes to town. I’d be lost too, Ash!

Its amazing how fast time goes by – it doesn’t feel like that long ago that Mat & I went to visit Luke in the hospital when he was born.

Michelle and Todd do make some beautiful babies…


Couldn’t they be twins? I’m sure Caroline will continue to grow into a cute and fabulous future Kappa!


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