A New Pupbino

My little sister is officially about to become a mother…to the most precious, furry ball of golden energy! Yesterday my mom, sister, and I piled into the car and drove 1 hour to pick out Lauren Edna’s new puppy.

Lauren wanted a female and because of other deposits that had already been made, there were two females to choose from.

These two furballs couldn’t have been more different. The one on the right was bigger, shy, calm, and nervous. She didn’t leave my mom’s side and all she wanted was to be held. I melt…

The other one {innocent enough looking} was energetic! She ran around, pooped, peed, barked at poles and shoelaces. She wanted to explore everything but was still learning how her back legs worked, which meant she she hopped around and often ran right into things..Lauren was sold!

Eventually she did calm down. She sat down and literally within one minute had fallen asleep. Gawd, I love puppies…

So Lauren Edna gets to go back in two weeks to pick up her new baby! She is going to be awesome! I know it because she is so great with Dixie. Lauren actually was the one who first taught Dixie how to sit! I will predict now Lauren Edna and the pup will be probably have one of those owner/dog dancing routines you see on the internet.

After seeing Lauren’s new pupbino, I had to go hunt for pictures of my precious pup when we first brought her home and I found this video…

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2 Responses to A New Pupbino

  1. Lauren says:

    I might just put a deposit on the other one as well…

    Dixie is the EXACT SAME now as she was in that video! Her eyes!

  2. I am in LOVE!!!!!!!! I think I might have to go get the other one. Charli needs a playmate!

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