She’s Crafty

Watch out people, I’ve been getting crafty! Wallpaper, fabric glue, spray paint. The fun just never ends around here folks.

First, I channeled my mom circa 1986 and wallpapered! Before you judge {and you wouldn’t judge if you read Elle Decor} wallpaper has made a comeback just like neon sunglasses. I love reading Elle Decor and in every issue there is some insane house that has a wall that is papered. One day I want an insane house that is featured in Elle Decor, so good gawd, I had to immediately start practicing. I had a corner in the living room that need a little ju-jus and just begging to be papered…

I found this subtle paper at Graham & Brown. I loved it because it blended with the wallcolor but had added interest. Of course I took one look at the directions and had to recruit my mom, who I think at one time had wallpapered our entire house in the late 80s. So anyways, I love how it turned out and thanks to my mom for inducting me into the Wallpaper Club of America.

My second craft was to reupholster a lamp shade…is that what you’d call it?

I found directions online but I inadvertently challenged myself by re-doing a funky shaped shade. Of course all the online directions were for round shades. Okay, so it took me 1.5 hours to do two shades but I think they gave some life to our bedside tables!

Now I’m left with finding new pillows for the bed and something to hang above it. I want to add some color! Suggestions, fellow crafty wives?

Oh, the fun didn’t stop there. I’ve always dreamed of a craft room…and while we’re short of having just an extra room that I can dedicate to ribbons and glue, we do have a corner in the unfinished part of the basement. {I can practically hear your jealously.} And while I don’t have $1,000 to drop on pimping said craft room out, I did have $40 to spend on a peg board and blue spray paint. {Elle Decor will never see this coming!} I unveil: an amateur housewife craft room, uh, corner…

so how’s that for being housewifey?

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One Response to She’s Crafty

  1. mxq says:

    kim…. i think your training days are over and you need to start training others. like me. 🙂

    when you're finished with all your stuff, feel free to head to my place. i have a nursery project with your name on it! :)P


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