Meet my second husband

“People think of twins as five-year-olds who dress alike and then, as adults, stop being twins. No, they’re twins for life. And, I’m telling you, it’s not a normal relationship.” -Debbie Ganz, author The Book of Twins

People always ask me what it’s like being married to a twin.

And my answer pretty much follows what Schmoopy says when people ask him, “What’s it like being a twin?”…I don’t know any other way. My identical-hubby and I get along really well so I don’t have anything to complain about…and let’s be honest, having two chumps that look like that isn’t a bad thing to have to see at family dinners.

I was reading the Sports Illustrated article the other day about the Bryan twins – 32- year old twins who play doubles tennis. {That’s where the quote above came from}. And although the article paints them in this freaky-twin world, I’d have to say I kinda could relate some of their behaviors to those I witness in my twin-ationship. There was another quote in the article that struck me,

“Most people spend their lives looking for their soulmates. With twins, a lot of times you have your soulmate from birth.” – Ganz

Interesting. And although Schmoops will tell people that anyone that lives in the same house, has the same friends and experiences for 30+ years will have a connection; its not lost on me the special and unique connection he has in life.

Besides not being able to walk into a room and pick out my boyfriend for the first three months we dated {yes, I can clearly tell them apart now}, I’d have to say them being twins doesn’t effect my marriage…but then again, I don’t know any other way.

Here are 5 things about my brother-in-law:

1. He looks, gestures and sounds oddly close to Ryan Seacrest.

2. He has a boxer named, Eddie. This is Eddie before he gained 50 lbs and an attitude.

3. He met me first. Clearly, he makes bad decisions that his twin reaps the rewards of.

4. He wears his hair differently than my husband.

5. He’s a good stand-in husband for pictures

{Does it look like he’s reaching for my ass? Typical.}

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