Allow me to introduce…

I met one of my favorite people, Ashley, 12 years ago. We had both joined KKG and were both set on making the most of our time away at college. I can’t tell you exactly when I first saw her but it was within the first 3 times of talking to her that I nicknamed her “Punky” for her resemblance to Punky Brewster. The dark hair, freckles, and big, glowing eyes that welcomed college, new friends, and the world with charm and anticipation. Those glittering eyes that can say so much in a glance, were filled with even more charm and anticipation today when I visited her in the hospital to meet her first born child, Mack…

Of course Ashley may have just spent the previous 24 hours you know, giving birth, but that doesn’t change a beauty queen. Ashley’s beautiful eyes were shining behind perfectly applied eye-makeup today as she looked at her new little dude.

The family – Ashley, Ethan, and Mack.

Ashley assisting in a big yawn…

Hugs and Kisses to the new fam!

More pics of my visit to meet Mack here.


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