Making the bed

Does anyone love “Before and After” pictures as much as I do? I also get really mad at myself if I start a project and forget to take a before picture. I’m not going to lie sometimes I cook up a new project just because I know there will be a before & after picture. This was not one of those cases. This has been a year long process of hemming-and-hawing and not knowing what I wanted. My bedroom before:

Okay, so we’ve had this striped wall in our bedroom for at least 9 months and I loved the dramatic background. Its so chic. Dare I say, glam. But it still felt blah. So I got crafty and updated the lamps. Gawd, still blah. I had to pull out the big guns. Fabric on the lampshades wasn’t going to cut it. I told Mat I was headed to the store to buy pillows for the bed. Being this process has been a year in the making he agreed. Even handed me the credit card. So I went to the store for a new pillow…

…and I came back with a new pillow {love, love!}…

…and a new duvet…and pillow shams…

The Before:

The After:

I mean, how could I pass it up! Drama, mama! I love it! I think its just what Dr. Decor ordered. Mat on the other hand felt as if he had ordered a lot less when I left. But he did agree it has made it more complete.

But I am my mother’s daughter and always think there could be more. So what do you think, should I add some frames or art above the bed? Or leave it as is? Of course, one thing always leads to another…a wall to lamp shades, to pillow, to duvet, to I won’t be happy with the new boudoir without new curtains. I consider it part of my training, its practically mandatory. Until my next trip to Home Goods… sweet dreams.

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