Caution: Puppies at Play

Is there anything cuter than golden retriever puppies? The clumsy movements, the floppy ears, the furry butts. I could just eat ’em up! And I personally don’t think there is anything cuter than my dog-aughter, Dixie. Combine the two and I melt.

Dixie really didn’t want anything to do with Lauren’s new pup, Tilly when we first introduced them. I think Dixie knows she is too small to really play with. I remember when we introduced a 7lb Dixie to my parent’s dog, Lola. Lola wouldn’t even let Dixie within a foot of her. But then again, Lola is a diva. Although Dixie still doesn’t give the baby-pup the time of day, she couldn’t resist the power of Tilly-Bear. I think its sweet that she played a little but was still super gentle with her.

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