They say its the small things in life that make one happy. For me? A pedicure, a new can of hair spray, a glowing tan. Another small thing that makes me really happy is acquiring a new favorite website. I mean, don’t you just love when you stumble upon a website or blog that you feel has been composed just for you? Like a little gem on the world wide web that will detour you into internet heaven for an hour.

My bud at work, Courtney and I trade “have you been to” web-secrets all the time. Its how I’ve acquired a list of “favorite” blogs that reads like a 1,500 count Facebook “friend” list. Anyways,I can’t feed you a bite from every favorite site of mine or you’d bust. So I’ll share just the last 3 websites I just went to…


Foodgawker is a breeding ground for food porn. A compilation of the best looking eats I’ve ever seen by amazing food bloggers. I will get lost on Foodgawker for hours, visiting foodie blogs, and drooling over one amazing recipe after the next. Sometimes I don’t even know what I’m looking at but I want to eat it. Foodgawker has sister sites – Craftgawker and Weddinggawker…just cancel your evening plans now.

Cheese-stuffed tomatoes (apparently diet friendly) via The Novice Chef Blog.

PS I Made This

Blame it on my inner-housewife, but I’m a sucker for trying to make it myself. I usually fail miserably but nonetheless, I am always inspired to try to go all DIY. Most of the time it LOOKS like I DIM (Did It Myself) but that’s why I love PS I Made This. She’s like the Martha Stewart of crafty-fashion because she is able to recreate something and make it look…retail! Full-discloser, I stalk this site, get tons of ideas that I badly want to execute, and haven’t done a damn one of them. Such as the safety-pin tank. Something tells me I would just look like a chick with safety pins on her shirt, poking me with every breath I took, not like the chic fashionista I would anticipate coming out as. What’s a girl to do?

My Life in Transition

I don’t know how I ever came across this personal blog but every week I “check in” like its a little bloggie-episode. She started off writing about her life as a wife in a new city and now her life as a mom. Its one of those weird stranger-connections that only the internet allows you to make. Maybe its because she’s from MO, maybe because she as a pupbino that she treats as a child, maybe because she blogs about finding clothes in Tall sizes, but the blog feels familiar in the way a favorite TV show feels. She also inspired me to get my first digital camera! Cheers to web strangers!

I told you mine, now you tell me yours. I did leave off my favorite “party and entertaining” blogs/websites but I’ve got a whole ‘nother blog for that. So what favorite websites/blogs have you just visited?

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