The Bump.

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted to this blog. I do have two good excuses though. Blogger went bonkers and my blog wasn’t visible. It took me a couple months to get around to correcting the problem by switching over to a new blog home here, WordPress. It took me so long to switch over because, well I’ve been, you know, growing life. It’s been a wonderful 30 weeks thus far and I can’t believe there are only 10 more to go! I suppose you can consider the return of the blog as part of my “nesting”. I’ve got a lot to update and a lot that will need to be updated so I figured I’d better get this blog thing figured out. Just to give you an update on how this little buddy has been growing here is the latest belly progression….

Two things I notice when I look at the progression. 1. Mama likes her hairstyles. I hope everyone can appreciate the good hair days in weeks 17, 20, and 30. 2. Every week I look at myself and say, “Seriously, I think this is the biggest I’m going to get.” I really can’t complain though. The little guy has made this very easy on me. I’m sure when he arrives it will be just as easy… 😉

I’ve got more updates to share as we are in full-on nursery-mode, baby shower bonanza, and nesting-crazed. For now I leave you with my Dixie, who everytime I stand in front of the wall for a picture, tries to jump in and hog the spotlight…there’s always a skinnier b!tch out there, trying to steal the spotlight, am I right ladies?

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