Baby steps: the nursery

Expecting a little bambino comes with a lot of excitement, stress, and daydreaming…and that’s just in creating the nursery. In the last couple weeks we’ve really made some progress on the room and its starting to look like an actual nursery. I still feel like we’re a long way off from being complete but as they say, “baby steps.” I don’t want to show you where the room is now because I’d hate for you to freak like me that with only 60-so days to go there still isn’t {gasp} a bed skirt. I know! Don’t fret – it’s in the mail. Until the bedskirt {and rocker, and curtains, and wall decor, oh the list goes on} arrives, I will show you the vision I have on where I want it to go. My nursery inspiration board….

A. The colors: gray & orange with accents of bright green & aqua blue

B. The fabrics: crib sheet (orange stripes) and the fabric for the rocker. The green/gray in the fabric doesn’t show up as vibrant as it does in real life. It is FABULOUS! My mom and I spent many hours searching for the perfect fabric. We both fell in love with the fabric and decided the room could use a pop of green to go with the original colors of orange, gray, and blue. Love!

C. The crib…without the bedskirt. I love, love the crib. I wanted a white crib but I also want it to go with the rest of our house which has a lot of espresso furniture. A couple weeks ago Mat performed his first fatherly duty {well second, we got to this point somehow!}:

He, with the help, er supervision, of Dixie put together the crib…

Please note the various paint samples on the wall. I am not kidding when I say that I made 5 trips to 3 paint stores and 1 online store and painted over 7 colors on the wall before deciding on the perfect gray for my baby. I spent less time deciding on the color to paint the entire first floor of my home! Speaking of the wall color, thank goodness for “Grandma” who came over last weekend to paint and essentially save me from second guessing my selection. {Dixie still supervising…}

I’ll save the big color reveal for when you see the entire room. Continuing on the inspiration:

D. The dresser and changing table tray. Let me first start by saying that both Mat and I put this dresser together. Woof. HOURS later we had the dresser. I reminded Mat that had he given me a bigger budget I would have found a dresser that could have been delivered already assembled. It turned out great but Mat and I have a bet on whether labor or putting the dresser together will be longer. We decided on not doing a seperate changing table to save on space and I love the espresso changing tray on top the dresser. It really ties the crib and dresser together.

E. Love, Love the abacus!! In fact, we just received it from Grandma Ann and I can’t wait to put it up. I randomly came across it and thought it would be a perfect addition to the nursery- modern yet traditional, and nod to his dad’s mathmatical skillz {and if he is unfortunante enough to get my mathmatical abilities, a little decor can’t hurt to help}. Turns out after looking at it – it has all the colors being used in the nursery! Perfection!

F. I had to off-set the intelligence factor of the abacus and throw in a little athletism. I mean, c’mon. I’m so happy to have received the wire ball basket at my shower this weekend! And when I get the the wire wall baskets I’ll hang them near the rocker to hold books.

So there you have it! I can’t wait to share the final room with you when it comes together!

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