Feeling the baby love

Rewind 5 years ago – Mat and I were engaged and planning our wedding. There are a lot of emotions during an engagement but the one that feels the best (and I wasn’t expecting) is that of appreciation. We were lucky enough to be surrounded by family & friends that were so generous to celebrate our love that I was in constant amazement of how great the people in my life were….are! Lucky for me, expecting a baby brings out the same generosity and I again am left in amazement of how great the people in my life are. So far I’ve had two baby showers and have two more to go!

The first was a luncheon with “The Wives Club” as I call them. The group of fabulous wives of Mat’s college buds. We had a fabulous lunch at a country club. It was very “Real Housewives” – lunch at “the club” if you will.

Then my mom’s friends used their amazing talents to throw a fabulous Duck-themed shower. It was adorable and full of great details!

These are homemade duckie cupcakes! Can you believe it? They were delicious too…though I did not look graceful eating. I was just amazed by these…they are something that I’d see in the recipe book and attempt to make and end up with like a yellow monster.

Grandma, Mom, Aunt Edna! Three new “titles”!

To see more of the fabulous duck-themed baby shower visit the Head of the Table blog.

Thank you to everyone who has showered us and made us feel so special…and more prepared for this baby. xoxoxox

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