The final countdown.








Mama ain’t messing around now! Here is my 37  {ahem, officially “full-term”} week photo. I’m feeling good like a fat-cat usually does. Each week I still say, “I don’t think my belly can get ANY bigger!” Turns out, I’ve been wrong for many weeks…

Now the pregnancy hasn’t been difficult by any means but what fun is a pregnancy without a little drama? At 33 weeks I woke up and while getting ready for work started having a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions. I tried to shake it off but by 11:30am, I had continually had many each hour. I headed to the doc to make sure everything was okay and it was. I just had to drink more water. At 34 weeks I woke up with the flu one night. I’ll spare you the details but the dehydration sent me to the hospital with contractions at 3am. They gave me two bags of fluid and some meds to stop the contractions. I would have been scared if I hadn’t felt like such miserable crap. The flu is no fun; the flu when you’re already uncomfortable is brutal. So after two weeks of lots of contractions I was placed on anti-contraction meds and spent some time hooked up to the fetal monitors…

Luckily, all is well now and I’m off the meds. I only get some Braxton Hicks a couple times a day and nothing consistent…yet! If that’s the only drama for this mama, then I’ll take it. I’ve been blessed with a great pregnancy and can’t believe we’re in the final 20 days.

In other bambino news…the nursery is *almost* done. The stinkin’ rocker-recliner was suppose to be here this week and when I called to check on it I found out the supplier had lost my order! So I have to wait for its arrival for another 2-3 weeks. What else am I waiting on to arrive in 3 weeks? Oh yeah, a baby to rock in that chair. Mama Bear is not going to be happy if I have to swivel my newborn to sleep on a kitchen bar stool. So the big nursery reveal has to wait until I get the chair or else it’s like debuting a new haircut with roots – it’s just not complete!


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