May 20, 2011 :: Training Day: First Bath

Rub-a-Dub-dub-there’s a naked baby in the tub, er, sink…. Although the dirty dude had been treated to many tender sponge baths, this was the big time! A big bath meant we had to pull out the pimp-robe. Some of us thought it was cuter than others…

Mat and I spent about 10 minutes making sure the water was the perfect temperature and then called for our little pimp to come to his perfectly drawn bath.

He loved it! And has loved every bath since. Mat and I basically do a little tango between our two sinks. Me, constantly filling a cup with water in one sink and bringing it over to Sir Mason in the other sink. Mat is in charge of the suds and making sure to wash the rolls…which is no easy task. We are still trying to perfect the back-wash which requires not only water and soapy suds, but also for us to hold that slippery sucker up! If only he had no slip pads on his waist.

Aren’t those the cutest soapy toes ever? No matter how grumpy he is at the end of the day, a bath soothes him and settles him for bedtime…or a cat nap before bed…

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