Guy Smiley

What, you ask, have I been up to? I’ve been working on my freakin’ comedy routine over here trying to get my little poker face to crack a smile. A long time ago I voted myself the funniest person in the house. Mace wasn’t around for the vote and clearly has taken his time judging for himself. But finally, FINALLY, he too has succumbed to the fact that I’m practically the housewife version of Chris Rock.

We have a smile, folks.

Yay! Mom’s funny….

Or perhaps just funny looking. A series of “Moos”, “Quacks”, “Dixie goes: Ruff, Ruff” seem to be the funniest thing I can do. And between smiles he is usually mocking me:

There are a lot more smiling pictures but how’s a mom suppose to get a non-blurry photo while simultaneously clucking like a chicken and popping her eyes like I’m freakin’ Ramona from Real Housewives of New York!? I’m just one woman, people. I have managed to captured some shaky video:

I can’t start getting too cocky though. Like all great comediennes, the audience can turn on you at any minute…

And….End scene.

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