Can I Get an Amen

The bambino is officially a legal Catholic…if that is in fact what Baptism does for one. I kid now, but Mason was having none of the laughs during the ceremony. The fam gathered for an intimate ceremony a couple Sundays ago. Mace was all smiles and giggles and gurgles galore beforehand. We stepped up on the alter, the Deacon started speaking, and Mace went into his tired-nap time cry. It was, afterall, naptime. Even though it was just the family in the church, it still made me sweat like crazy -I was practically doing a jig, bouncing around the alter trying to calm him.  When it came time to pour the water on his head, Mason got quiet and was rather peaceful. He loved it and would have probably not cried at all had I let him sit naked in that tub of water the whole time. When the ceremony ended so did his crying. He was back and ready for more pictures to be taken! The boy loves the camera!

Isn’t his outfit adorable? There is an embroidered cross below the collar. And his little booties were stitched with his initials and the Baptism date.

The outfit is couture…aka handmade from a cute little shop on Etsy.

Afterwards the fam came over to our house for a big Sunday dinner. I felt very Southern- the whole family, dressed up, coming over for lunch on Sunday. Mat said, “Why do you think that’s what Southern people do?” Duh, because that’s what they do in books and movies.

Southern Sunday lunch also requires china and crystal! So I literally dusted off my placesettings that we received for our wedding {and had yet to use} and set the table…

We chose Uncle Mark & Aunt Edna to be Mace’s Godparents. And although I know as Godparents they are to guide Mason on his religious path, we chose them more so because we know they will both help to guide him on his life path. They are both rare examples of wholesome people. They both have a willingness to try new things, are up for doing anything but are also are thoughtful in their actions. They are kind, honest, and trustworthy. They are entertaining and loving….

….Although Mason doesn’t look too thrilled about it….

There we go! Happy {blurry} baby. Before the ceremony, I made Lauren put on a cross necklace that I had. I told her she’d “look more godly”. I think the Deacon was impressed.


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One Response to Can I Get an Amen

  1. I just know I will be a pro at buttercream cross cakes by the time Mason has his first communion. He’s getting so big! I must come over and see him soon…. and for some Ramona Singer Pinot Grigio.

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