4 months

4 months of baby love, drool, snuggles, poops, laughter, and new adventures! Who knew that things like getting an exer-saucer, adding rice cereal and pureed foods, and new schedules would be such adventures. But in our house it has been like we’re preparing for a national hike. There has planning and researching and questions and assembly….and all-be-damned, every new thing we try, Mace takes it like a champ! He loves his new exer-saucer:

Excer-saucer or exhausting?

4 months has brought a lot more talking, laughter, and smiles- which is like a trifecta of thrills for me. I can’t get enough of that gummy smile!

He has started to reach for everything in front of him and bring it to his mouth.

Hey, what’s this?

I keep insisting these two take a picture together each month and no one seems too happy about it. But I think Dixie is a good example of just how big Mace is getting. Just 3 months ago…

Mason is almost 16 pounds now and 26″ long. It puts him in the 75th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height. Tall and skinny! Skinny but he likes to eat! We got the go ahead to start with rice cereal and recently pureed sweet potatoes. He loved them and although we worried how he’d do with a spoon, he took it like a pro.

Do you know it’s impossible to feed a baby with a spoon without opening up your own mouth? Mat, unknowingly demonstrates…..

So all this food has really given Mason some energy I guess because he is a little rolly-polly now! He rolls mostly from back to front {which the doctor says is like a 5 month milestone. My baby is sooo advanced!}

But this also causes me great worry as he rolls in the middle of the night and now sleeps on his side.  It still means that I wake up all night to go check that he isn’t nuzzling the mattress. One good thing that has come out of him being able to sleep on his side is that he must be more comfortable because he has been sleeping at least 11 hours at night and is getting so much better at naps! We’ve eliminated one of his cat naps and now he has been napping at least 40 minutes in the morning and 1.5-2 hours in the afternoon!! Yay!

He makes us so proud! I never realized that being able to bounce in an exer-saucer, smile, eat out of a spoon, sleep well, grab for toys, and just be cute could make us proud, but it does! XOXOX

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