Just a boy and his dog

It took 5 months, but finally Mace has acknowledged Miss Dixie! Dixie in return is starting to accept this new-found admiration but isn’t exactly loving it. It’s more like tolerate.  She is loving that Mace has started to eat pureed foods and I think she might find a little leftover sweet potato stuck on a thumb or a hint of banana on a chin.

Every morning though, Dixie wakes up, nudges our door open, and barges into Mason’s room to check on him.

Look who’s creeping in the background. She is so sweet!

If Dixie has a “spot” that she most frequently lounges, I’d say it’s on the living room rug. Unfortunately, this is also the only spot to put Mason down on the first floor. She is taking the invasion as well as to be expected. I think she tolerates it because it also happens to be the spot where we get down on the floor, so she thinks we’ve come to play.

“Are you going to finish all that?”

Here is an example of Dixie “tolerating” a Mason Invasion. Aunt Kirstin eased any concerns she had.

“I knew there was leftover peas under that nose!”

This is how Mason spends most of his time when Dixie is near. “Gimme. Gimme.” He adores her and follows her anytime she comes into his line of view. We’ve started to sit and pet Dixie. Well I pet Dixie and Mason grabs a chunk of fur with a wet hand. Dixie takes it like a lady. My bambino and pupbino….love!

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One Response to Just a boy and his dog

  1. Legan says:

    Thank you for all the Dixie/Baby photos. Dixie is such a good big sis :-). I love baby photos but I REALLY love doggie photos. Thanks for pleasing all of your faithful readers!

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