5 months

5 months and Mason is like a real baby now. Like, does real baby things as opposed to just laying there and looking adorable. He’s doing things that you imagine babies doing- gurgling, laughing, reaching for things, putting things in his mouth – including his feet & hands, rolling, drooling, smiling, giggling….you know, baby things.

He does have hair, I swear! It’s just so blonde (and fine) it doesn’t show up in photos. Let this be proof that clearly I am a natural blonde, despite my, um, enhancements, and passed that sunny colored hair onto Mason. That and the stick-straight, fine nature of the hair. That goes for Mat too. The kid will be cursed with delicate hair…but at least he’s got a big ole’ beautiful grin to make up for it!

If it’s within arm distance then it’s worth a taste-test….

…that goes for Dixie too!

The most common comments from strangers that we get are:

– “Such a big boy, what is he, 6-7 months?” Uh, no just the size of a 7 month old.

– “What a happy baby!” Yes he is! He will give a big smile and laugh to most anyone that talks to him. He is also very content just being carried around and is very observant of his surroundings.

– “Such beautiful, big, blue eyes!” Why, yes, he gets those from his mother.

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