Pinterest and a Can of Spray Paint

I’m obsessed with Pinterest and therefore I’m in the midst of a mini-home-makeover. This Pinterest thing coupled with spending much more time in the home means I have a lot of ideas and my house is my template.

First it started with my bedroom…making this its 9th makeover in 4 years…meaning I’ve come to the conclusion it’s never going to be complete.


I was inspired (on Pinterest) to incorporate some chevron fabric (aka zig-zag pattern)  into the bedroom. And what better place than some curtains….that I sewed myself! And when I say “myself” I of course mean under the watchful eye of my own Tim Gunn, my mom.

But the black and white curtains made the room too….black and white, so I needed a pop of color. Pinterest led me to turquoise! Specifically a turquoise bedside table. I happened to be at an antique mall and one of the booth owners practically gave me a bedside table! A couple coats of turquoise spray paint later and….

Loves! I purchased some $5 turquoise fabric and Tim Gunn and I hit the sewing machine again. (I added a stripe of gray patterned fabric that I had left over from a chair re-upholstery.) So it totally ties together the gray & turquoise in the bed.


A little hint of blue on the dresser….

I love! Don’t you? Mom is painting me something fabulous to replace that print on the wall. It will then probably inspire another bedroom makeover.

Okay so the Pinning-fun didn’t stop there. Our hallway to the laundry room was looking a little blah. So after seeing some frame-extravaganza on Pinterest, I gathered every black frame I had, spray painted some that weren’t black, and got to hanging…

Look to the right! It’s a Menu Board (also Pinterest-inspired). It’s an old frame that I put a piece of fabric inside. I used to write our menu out on a post-it every week. This is much cuter and eco-friendly. And plus I get to channel my inner-teacher and write with a dry erase marker every week.

So Fall is here and I pulled out my Fall decor only to be disappointed with my wreath. I have been disappointed in it for a couple years as it’s starting to look cheap and weathered. So I wanted to chic-it-up…but Mat said “no more spending money this week.” Boo. But who needs to spend money when you have Pinterest and a can of spray paint? I found some old pieces of burlap and of course, every girl-on-a-decorating-budget’s best friend, the glue gun.



I have to admit, that the wreath in my head was better than how this turned out. If nap time would have lasted 3 hours I could have made a lot more burlap flowers but it doesn’t and I wanted to just complete the project, so up went the wreath.

There you have it. Pinterest: Fall 2011. If you want to see what else I’ve been Pinning you can follow me here.  I have been Pinning a lot for my brother-in-law as we’re redecorating his first floor. I can’t wait to show you how it turns out! What projects have you done after being Pinterest-inspired? Maybe I want to do those too….

Hugs & Spray Paint….

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