My baby is supernatural. He has aged 6 months in 6 weeks. Or at least that’s what it feels like…

My little bundle, who used to fit snuggly in one arm, now practically wraps around my body. Just months ago he would wail if we put him on his tummy…now that’s his preferred method of “chill”. 6 months ago we stared in amazement as he would slowly wrap his fingers around our finger. Now he is an octopus and grabs at everything!

Mace is one happy 6 month old! He is quite the talker too. But then again he is his father’s son. He is full of “Ba-ba-bas” and “Ma-ma-mas” which of course I interpret as “Beautiful Mommy.”

Everything is interesting and nothing goes without proper inspection and tasting, in Mason’s world. This includes Dixie, every time she is within reach.

I love this pic because it feels very National Geographic to me. It’s like Mace has just snuck up to a wild creature in the woods; he turns to the camera to make sure we’re capturing this species before proceeding with his inspection.

All I know is Dixie’s peaceful days are numbered….because Mace is days…hours…away from being very mobile…

Yep, Dixie, he’s coming for you! For about two weeks Mace has been on all fours, rocking back and forth, and lunging himself forward, backward, and in circles.

He’s got the posture down, just needs to work on the technique. In other news, I’m enjoying my home decor while I still can before it I have to put it away and rearrange once the octopus is on the go.

Clearly I can’t seem to find the same lighting or distance from the chair twice, but the growth is amazing. Mason’s 6 month stats put him in the 70th% for weight (18 lbs) and 95th% for height (28″). I’ll be enrolling him in basketball next month basically.

These first 6 months have been so wonderful that I’m torn between excitement for the next 6 months (all the new things he’ll learn! and he is surely going to only get more fun and adorable) and sad (I can’t bare to think that my little baby will be more like a little boy and a year old in 6 months.) Mat asked me the other day – if I could, would I want to see what Mason will look like as a boy? I said no because with all the new things he does, new faces he makes, new noises he lets out, I love waking up each day to a new surprise.


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One Response to Half-yearly

  1. Aunt Brenda says:

    Uncle Gary says “time to have another!” I suggest waiting a bit 🙂 – you have your hands full now! He is a handsome little guy! Just remember how fast that first six months went by – the years go just as fast! When your first granddaughter gets her driver’s license, you know how fast the time has gone!! It just seems like Brittany was a snuggly little baby – now a young woman!! Kiarra and Austin love singing along to the oldies with me – the “play list” (yes, a written list we keep in the Tahoe) has 2 of their favorites – Wild Thing (or Thang as they say) and Life in the Fast Lane – They like the guitar in both – too funny! Who will teach them the “classics” if I don’t, right? 🙂 I’m sure some day when they are adults they will hear those songs and remember Grammie:) The best advice I can give – relax, let the housework go and ENJOY! They go off to school WAY too soon! Love, Aunt Brenda and Uncle Gary XOXOXO

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