Mason Moo

After weeks of intense deliberation I was able to finally decide Mason was going to be a cow for his first Halloween. It was a good choice because he was the cutest cow on the farm…

However, this cow didn’t stay on the farm for long. After we took these photos we went outside to our enjoy the beautiful 72 degree day at our neighborhood party. But after about 15 minutes, my cow started to projectile vomit on the neighbors. Eek! At first we just thought it was a one-time thing. But after it happened twice and he went pale we went inside. He threw-up about 3 more times as we took him out of his costume. Considering he has been nothing but healthy we hollered up the exchange. After what felt like a 30-minute conversation with the nurse we had a plan in place. But by the time we were off the phone Mace was looking back to normal and acting normal! We ended up concluding that he just overheated in the costume…or else he really had wanted to be a lion.

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