Quarter Review

It’s been three wonderful, tiring, amazing, overwhelming, exquisite, educational, eye-opening months. Sometimes I can’t believe it has only been three months since Mace arrived and sometimes I feel like he has always been in my life. Each new month becomes my favorite and I suspect that will continue until month 24. Right now he has started “talking”. My Grandpa Kranig would call him a “jabber-box” if you will. Here is just a snippet of our conversation the other day after his bath.

The smiles are coming more often, are even more gummy, and accompanied by a gurgly laugh.

His smiles make me smile. So much so that it only slightly bothers me that the ceiling fan can evoke smiles and laughter just as well as I can. What’s a girl to do? I take what I can get and pretend that he is just giving the pillow a courtesy laugh but truly thinks I am hilarious.

In addition to smiling and jabbering, Mace is getting really good at holding his head up and sitting up with support. We’ve even busted the Bumbo chair out a couple times. He likes it for a little bit and then gets up upset when he realizes that Bumbo isn’t made for chubby thighs.

I don’t have his current height and weight but if his last check-up was any indication, we’ll just assume he continues to be 95% bigger and taller than most 3 month olds. Seeing as how Schmoops & I are taller than 95% of our peers, this will be something the bambino will always deal with….that and the annoyance of sleeves and hems being slightly too short.

Dixie continues to do well with Mason…as long as she doesn’t have to share her precious time in front of the camera with him. Like Dixie’s new summer do?

Mace is sleeping from about 9:30pm-8am which thrills me! Naps are another story. I will always take sleeping through the night over naps but c’mon a girl needs some time during the day to do important things…like blog. We took a little trip the the library today to read up on how to get my baby to nap for more than 20 minutes at a time. As I write this my experiment for the day *may* just be working. Instead of putting him down 1.5 hours after he started eating I’ve put him down 1 hour after he started eating. He’s on minute 19…I’ll let you know how it goes and what the books say. I’m starting to prepare myself now with the big 4 months around the corner. It seems like everything starts happening then!


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Shootin’ on the Mason – Dixie

I hadn’t played with my camera in awhile and wanted to do a photoshoot. Luckily I have two incredibly adorable participants at my house.

I wouldn’t exactly say they were “willing” participants, so much as they just didn’t have a choice. Dixie was having a diva moment when we started and insisted on being shot only in the sun.

So while she tanned I started with the bambino…

Look at those eye lashes! The camera can’t possibly capture how long and beautiful they really are.

…Dixie decided to get up from sunning and cleaned up some drool….

…then tried her hand at wardrobe {that’s Mace’s sock}.

Finally I got the two of them together…alebit in front of the pee-stained grass. Professional we are not.

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Laundry day


My laundry has never looked so cute! At 10 weeks he barely fits in the basket.

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Month 2. Check! Check!

Remember when my little muffin was just a month old…

He has been busy lately doubling his age…

I can’t be for sure, but I’m pretty sure if he could talk he would say it has been the best 2 months of his life. At least looks like he has been enjoying it.

Miss Dixie isn’t as thrilled to be sharing the spotlight with Mace.

She did give him a good once over though to size up the competition…

One Month:

Two Months:

Things that he has picked up in the last month…


Batting at toys under his playmate (of course with the help of Dixie)

Sucking his hands, supporting his head upright, and picking his head up during tummy time. Who knew I could be impressed with head control and hand sucking, but I am! I am also impressed with his sleeping! He now sleeps from around 10pm-5am give or take. He is really such a great baby and makes me proud.


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Guy Smiley

What, you ask, have I been up to? I’ve been working on my freakin’ comedy routine over here trying to get my little poker face to crack a smile. A long time ago I voted myself the funniest person in the house. Mace wasn’t around for the vote and clearly has taken his time judging for himself. But finally, FINALLY, he too has succumbed to the fact that I’m practically the housewife version of Chris Rock.

We have a smile, folks.

Yay! Mom’s funny….

Or perhaps just funny looking. A series of “Moos”, “Quacks”, “Dixie goes: Ruff, Ruff” seem to be the funniest thing I can do. And between smiles he is usually mocking me:

There are a lot more smiling pictures but how’s a mom suppose to get a non-blurry photo while simultaneously clucking like a chicken and popping her eyes like I’m freakin’ Ramona from Real Housewives of New York!? I’m just one woman, people. I have managed to captured some shaky video:

I can’t start getting too cocky though. Like all great comediennes, the audience can turn on you at any minute…

And….End scene.

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And so it begins. The Sports Fan.

It has already started. The bambino was so content when I turned his Mamaroo around so he could watch TV….specifically, the MLB Network. 7 weeks and already a sports fan.

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May 20, 2011 :: Training Day: First Bath

Rub-a-Dub-dub-there’s a naked baby in the tub, er, sink…. Although the dirty dude had been treated to many tender sponge baths, this was the big time! A big bath meant we had to pull out the pimp-robe. Some of us thought it was cuter than others…

Mat and I spent about 10 minutes making sure the water was the perfect temperature and then called for our little pimp to come to his perfectly drawn bath.

He loved it! And has loved every bath since. Mat and I basically do a little tango between our two sinks. Me, constantly filling a cup with water in one sink and bringing it over to Sir Mason in the other sink. Mat is in charge of the suds and making sure to wash the rolls…which is no easy task. We are still trying to perfect the back-wash which requires not only water and soapy suds, but also for us to hold that slippery sucker up! If only he had no slip pads on his waist.

Aren’t those the cutest soapy toes ever? No matter how grumpy he is at the end of the day, a bath soothes him and settles him for bedtime…or a cat nap before bed…

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Play ball!

My future all-star! I think a lot of the bambino’s squirming looks like he is out in the field catching pop-flys, sliding into bases, and basically preparing himself for an all-star game. If I was better at photoshop, I’d insert a glove on the kid.

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Whose ready swimsuit season?


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Month 1. Check!

In milestone news, Mat & I have managed to keep the bambino alive, growing, and happy for one month! Cheers to us! At his one month check-up he clocked in at over 11 lbs and 23 inches. Next month he will probably fill up this chair…

Miss Dixie got in on the one month photoshoot action…

We tried doing a duel photo but the bambino almost got trapped in pupbino’s na-na!

Dad came to the rescue but not until Dixie got in a few licks, just so Mason knew who was still boss around these parts…

That’s a wrap!

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